Extensive Experience in Global Industries

Accudyne Industries products serve high-growth, global end-markets, including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing and water treatment. Our products typically represent critical components within larger, complex systems, and perform efficiently and reliably in challenging and harsh environments.


Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for upstream oil and gas production.

Oil and Gas Production


From multipoint chemical injection to fail-safe emergency shutdown systems, our products are highly regarded within the industry for their precise, reliable and safe performance.  Whether a Milton Roy metering pump used to precisely control chemical injection on offshore production platforms, a Haskel gas booster used for underwater high-pressure leak testing or Sundyne single- and multi-stage compressors to maximize workflow efficiency of oil and gas production, companies large and small rely on our dependable and precision-made products to get the job done safely and effectively.


Accudyne products play keys roles in the transportation and storage of crude or refined petroleum products.  Sundyne pumps and compressors can be used for vent scrubbing, fractionation, vapor recovery, offloading and more on floating production, storage and off-loading platforms (FPSO), and compressed natural gas transports.  YZ systems odorizers ensure detectability in gas pipelines while our Milton Roy Mixing agitators maximize crude oil storage capacity by keeping the contents in suspension.

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for oil and gas refining.



Operations in refining and hydrocarbon processing require equipment that is both rugged and reliable.  Sundyne Marelli pumps deliver highly reliable performance for processes requiring high pressure and high flow. Our BuTech high-pressure valves are manufactured to the highest standards to provide critical pressure control and Milton Roy metering pumps convey a wide range of chemicals, including hazardous or high temperature chemicals.

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for petrochemical and chemical production industries.

Petrochemical and Chemical Processing

There can be no shortcuts when it comes to meeting the harsh demands of working in chemical processes. The accuracy and superior performance of Accudyne products meet those demands, and have become the standard for our customers in this exacting industry. Milton Roy metering pumps deliver a wide range of chemicals, including hazardous or high temperature chemicals requiring low flow under high pressure. LMI’s extensive line of chemical metering pumps is also available for flow proportional applications with liquid handling configurations for high viscosity chemicals.

Accudyne Industries pumps for industrial and municipal water processing.

Water Treatment


Municipal Water

Attaining safe, sanitary and high-quality drinking water requires the highest standards. Treatment depends on the precise and consistent application of a range of chemicals to control conductivity, pH and ORP. Featuring a superior design and rugged construction, Milton Roy and LMI chemical metering pumps and controllers are the first choice of water and wastewater treatment professionals because they allow for a high level of repetitive accuracy when applying a wide variety of chemicals. DOSATRON water-powered dosing pumps, certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards, reliably inject chemicals for chlorinating water and treating waste water.

Industrial Water and Wastewater

Industrial water and wastewater must be treated efficiently, cost-effectively and within the appropriate quality standards to ensure safe, effective disposal. Reliable Injection of treatment chemicals can be performed by our wide range of Milton Roy and LMI metering pumps that offer variable capacity adjustment to ensure accurate output flow control. Milton Roy Mixing can provide effective agitation for sludge digestion and aeration during industrial wastewater treatment with low-energy usage, reduced chemical-additive consumption and ease of maintenance.

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for industrial manufacturing applications.


Power Generation

Power industry leaders look to Accuydne Industries to keep the lights and minimize downtime. Sullair air compression and Sundyne gas compressors are acclaimed for their lower space requirements and equipment lifecycle costs for fuel gas boost, atomizing air and turbine blade cooling. Milton Roy metering pumps provide precise chemical delivery for cooling tower and boiler water treatment, while Haskel liquid pumps and gas boosters serve an array of needs across a variety of power generation processes: dosing fixed amounts of caustic soda for descaling boilers; testing valves, pipelines and fittings; and for transferring SF6 gas from circuit breakers into storage cylinders and back again during circuit breaker maintenance.

Food and Beverage  

The preparation of food can require numerous processes including liquefaction, emulsification, cooking, pickling, pasteurization, preservation; and packaging.  The food industry relies on Accudyne Industries to safely and efficiently perform critical tasks .  Dosatron water-power proportional metering pumps and hygiene units can be used for automatic preparation, concentrates dosing and injection of glutaraldehyde and organic acids. Milton Roy Mixing provides agitation for separation of contents in large vats.


Every manufacturing plant that houses a smokestack needs a high quality, reliable air compressor. Sullair has a full line of stationary and portable rotary screw air compressors along with air treatment products including filters, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, drains, and oil/water separators.  Haskel pumps and gas boosters are the number one choice across a range of manufacturing industries; in automotive manufacturing, Haskel pumps charge an accumulator actuated by a pressure switch that will stop the press if tonnage is exceeded. Aerosol product manufacturers use Haskel pumps to pump liquid or gaseous mediums such as CO2 into aerosol cans.


Metals processors around the world rely on Accudyne Industries to help improve product quality, reduce operating costs and increase production. Dosatron has non-electric dosing pumps that ensure efficient metering and mixing during filling or adjusting operations with mineral or synthetic soluble oils, or the addition of biocides and anticorrosive and emulsifying agents. Milton Roy Mixing offers custom engineered agitation that can be adapted to different applications such as liquid holding suspension, homogenization, gas dispersion, and heat transfer.


LMI metering pumps are an efficient choice for chemical delivery for water conditioning, cooling and heating, and process utilities used during mining operations. Haskel liquid pumps and gas boosters can be used for a variety of applications including setting of hydraulic mine props, testing of roof support systems, hoses and valves, fire prevention, rock bursting and breathing air.

Pulp and Paper

Creating pulp and paper requires precise dosing of additives and chemicals to the paper stock during the initial stages of the process. Milton Roy pumps are used to treat and transport materials for further processing and preparation during the stock creation, paper creation and coating stages of pulp and paper processing.


In the development of medicinal products, the adherence to health is critical and many operations require a sterile environment without bacteria, rust, or other contaminants.  Milton Roy Mixing agitators can be customized to the processing requirements of this industry with product construction that meets the highest quality, using non-oxidizing materials and proper seals.  Dosatron non-electric proportional dispensers provide secure dosing of products used in disinfection of hemodialysis instruments, medical baths, endoscope washing machines, and more. Milton Roy, LMI, and Williams metering pumps can be used to dose additives and sensitive fluids that require precise volume flows and exact conformance with specific process conditions.